Accounting and System Design
Accounting as "the language of business" is concerned with the processes of recording and summarizing financial transactions and events and reporting and interpreting the resulting information to permit informed judgments and decisions by users of the information. An accounting system should assure the availability of data required by management in conducting the affairs of an enterprise and in reporting to owners, creditors, and other interested parties.
Each accounting system is designed to fit the nature of the individual enterprise, the volume of transactions of various types and the number and capacities of those tasked to do the recording. Accounting systems design includes the initiation and establishment of procedures for the implementation of the financial reporting functions and devising appropriate internal controls to provide an efficient flow of information that will meet the needs of management.
The professionals at Daniel R. Davidson, CPA apply a broad base of entrepreneurial experience in many different industry sectors to the design of accounting systems for the efficient capture and reporting of transactions, the measurement of all phases of operation, the assignment of authority and responsibility and the limitation of errors and fraud.